January Balance Sheet

Below is the (rounded) itemized cash flow for hostwithjohn.com in January, 2020. This is the first live month, although I spent most of it building the Digital Ocean (I get a billing credit at DO if you sign up through this link) virtual servers. I’m providing this information to help anyone thinking of starting a hosting service make an informed decision.

Name Hero (Includes WHMCS License)-$45
Digital Ocean -$25
Subscription Income+$10

For income, we have one client on a $9.99/month web hosting plan. It’s not nearly enough to cover my costs yet, but feels good to have something at the start.

The expenses are $25 for Digital Ocean and $45 for Name Hero. The Name Hero account includes an $18 subscription for WHMCS starter license.

The Name Hero server is “Managed”, and doesn’t allow me shell access. The Digital Ocean servers were my answer to this lack of access. I built them from the ground up to give me more control where needed.

Name Hero comes with other advantages. WebOS, Lighttpd, and included CDN caching to name a few.

I plan to place clients on Name Hero if their needs are better met with the faster web server and content delivery network. Otherwise, my Digital Ocean servers will be my default host.

Later on, I will build a physical server with a business internet connection in my office. I already have one at home for development, and may just re-purpose that system. When I do, the monthly cost will include that internet connection. If I use hardware I already own for the server, I will estimate the current hardware cost to provide a fair impression of self hosting expenses.

I also have a GoDaddy Pro Reseller account, which does generate revenue. It has been slowly building for a decade, so I am not going to include that in these posts. This is about building a new hosting business, and that cash flow is already established. I will write about my experience with the GoDaddy Pro Reseller platform in detail at a later time.

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