How to Stop DeX for Windows from Blinking!

I love Samsung DeX! Well, I love it on the Note 10+ anyway. The 2019 generation of premium smart phones has the memory, storage, and CPU performance to match a productivity PC. A productivity PC is powerful enough to run more than one web browser, each with multiple tabs, an email app (Outlook or Thunderbird), a full featured office suite, and line of business program (VS Code for devs or Wireshark for pen test). All at the same time. Android and iOS don’t do this well, but they will.

DeX has been the first workable solution to running a phone as an actual multitasking PC. Until 2019 you could attach an HDMI adapter to your Samsung phone, plug in a monitor, pair a Bluetooth keyboard, and work with a much more desktop-ish interface. With the Note 10 series they have added a Windows and MacOS app, which allow you to connect your phone to a USB 3 port and run your DeX desktop as a windowed app. It’s eff’n brilliant.

Except for one really annoying problem. The DeX task bar icon blinks at you every time the phone has a notification… even a silent one. Constantly. Unfailingly. Unendingly. It’s a bright orange, task bar camping, focus eating demon. I happily summoned this yokai directly from South Korea, without considering the price to be paid.

The solution is easy. So easy I’m ashamed to have dealt with the problem for three months. Step by step with screen shots:

Connect your phone and open DeX. Click on the Settings Cog at the top rt of your DeX window.

It’s light on options. Really light. You have two toggle switches here. Auto start and Notifications.

Flip the Notifications switch and click the back arrow at the top left.

That’s it. No more blinking demon.

DeX is not very popular yet, so finding solutions to little problems is not a quick google search away. I hope posts like this will make your search easier.


3 thoughts on “How to Stop DeX for Windows from Blinking!”

    • DeX on my laptop started flashing again with the last two windows app updates. I had to open dex settings and click the toggle on, then off again.

      Please let us know if you solve it on your system.


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