How To Set Custom Names for Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

After putting in a few hours work looking for an alternative to Dexpot,

I found out Microsoft enabled naming Virtual Desktops natively some time ago. I can’t believe I wasted time looking for an app to do this! Dexpot is powerful, feature rich, and I recommend you give it a shot (>>here<<) if having custom backgrounds for each VDesktop is not important to you. However, it is beginning to show it’s age, as it was last updated 2016. Visual Studio Code, and newer versions of Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Opera, Edge, etc), have problems with it now. I found another way to set my background images, and this is how I gave them purposeful names:

This is how you do it in under a minute:

1) Click on the Task View button located beside your Search box.

2) Task View will show a list of Virtual Desktops. You can see I have already named several, and created a new one (Desktop 7) for this quick how to.

3) Just click on the title/name of your new Virtual Desktop, and Windows will highlight it for you.

4) Type a useful name and press Enter.

5) Done!

Onward to Glory!

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