Getting Back to Work

I’ve been too greedy in the months since COVID19 hit Texas. The pandemic has afforded me an excuse to spend a fantastic stretch of time hanging out with my wife and daughter, but that should have ended weeks ago. It’s time to get back to work. Past time really.

My wife has been back at work teaching from home, and will be back in the classroom next week. Sweet pea has been taking classes from home, and will continue to do so until we have a vaccine. I’ve struggled to get back into my most basic self employed routines for a few weeks, while my girls have been hard at work.

Today I rode my bicycle to the office for the first time in several months. It took a few days to stop buying myself off with excuses like rain or “possibly” needing to run out to a client in a emergency. Some times the world provides us exactly what we need to see, and it’s up to us how we accept it (or not). One of those moments came yesterday, as I sat at the breakfast table, watching the rain fall out our dining room window. A lady I see walking every day was doing so in her usual morning gown, despite the rain. She grabbed an umbrella and stayed on schedule.

I owe her a big thanks, and will take the time to run out front next time she strolls by.

It made me feel ashamed of myself and the stagnant state of my habits. The sight triggered memories of a more productive self from earlier in the year, and my struggle to get back the focus I had before becoming my father in law’s care taker for three years. Once upon a time, I was known to fire off “the weather isn’t a reason to procrastinate a thing that should be done” when perfectly healthy people around me were sucking their thumbs over it.

I offer the same advice to you. So long as you are healthy, show the same indifference to the weather as it does to you. Don’t be belligerent about it. Use sunscreen and wear a hat in the summer, wear a poncho or use an umbrella in the rain, and layer up to stay healthy in the cold.

I mentioned COVID at the top, and so will take a moment to state my position. This Corona Virus moves through the world taking lives, time, and income with the indifference of rain. It is real, masks are necessary, and well tested vaccines are the answer. This is not the place to extol the virtues of hydroxychloroquine. HcQ does not prevent or cure COVID19, unless you are an in vetro monkey kidney cell.

I voted for Trump too, and like his presidency on balance. However, his reckless statements on the pandemic are unforgivable to a man of science. I really wish we had a Republican option that would defer to their own experts, rather than expert shopping until they find a yes man.

If you disagree or don’t know what to think about the virus, please be careful just in case. I don’t want anyone else to get sick.

If you have a problem with my trust in all but the half dozen quack doctors who are enjoying their 15 hot minutes of crazy making fame, I invite you to fuck off and not do business with me. God speed.

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